Voluntary Association of Botanic Lovers

Voluntary association of botanic lovers “Gardens Live ” is a union of socially active city citizens interested in continuing living a life full of events in a nature friendly environment.

The Union’s mission is to promote the values of a healthy lifestyle to those living in megapolis. By promoting its values and involving followers into its projects the Union aims to grow highly intellectual community of city habitants responsible for creating healthy and nature friendly environment around them.

Gardens Live is patronized by the Moscow University botanic garden and is financed via membership contributions. All membership fees are invested into development of the garden, operational costs of the Union and event organization. By organizing educational and entertainming events the Union manages to commnicate with its members, gather its followers together, grow the community of botanic lovers and promote its values to a bigger audience.

Gardens Live creation was inspired by the existence of such international examples as Friends of the Royal Botanic Garden Kew or Denver Botanical Garden society.

Gardens Live’s activities include but are not limited to organizing sport, educational and entertaining public events (master-classes, amateur sport competitions, scientific conferences, art performances, music concerts, cooking shows) aimed at building healthy, socially responsible, highly educated urban society that is able to value, protect and increase the influence of natural/botanical environment on the city space development.

Gardens Live has a legal form of association. All operational decisions have to be approved by the board of directors via voting. Patronizing committee has an overseeing function and can stop any decision approved by the board of directors in case it contradicts to the interests of a patron or can harm public image of the Union.

Gardens Live Patronizing Committee includes Moscow University Botanical Garden representatives, members of the Moscow University Scientific Committee, well-known scientists, journalists, politics and athletes. Members of the patronizing committee have a right to use their status for building their positive image of responsible city citizens in their public communications, represent interests of the Union to a third party, make public statements on behalf of the Union. Garden Live has the right to use the patron’s name in its public communications, use the name of a patron for promoting its deeds to the third parties and media.

Garden Live’s long term plans include establishment of professional connections with the international organizations alike. Building network with other botanical gardens and their friends would help exchanging cultural and scientific experiences, building cooperative projects and presenting common interests to the wider audiences.

Gardens Live – is a green oasis in the stone jungles of the city.


Gardens Live - это содружество единомышленников, объединенных желанием вести органичную и событийную жизнь горожан, не теряя естественной связи с природой!